About Us

        Once upon a time in a small town in Minnesota a little girl wanted her mother to make all of her clothes and costumes. So, one day, the mother started teaching her daughter how to use the sewing machine to design her own clothes and costumes for herself. Soon, the little girl was making everything; from her own curtains and comforters in her bedroom, to her own clothes and costumes. She was not very good at the beginning but she loved the creative freedom. When the little girl grew up and started attending school, all the kids would make fun of her and all her weird outfits, she hated it... One day, her mother approached her and said “knock it off!” and to “quit caring about what other people think or say!”. The mother’s advice was to never stop doing what she loved because she was good at it. So that little girl finally grew up, took her machine out, and started up again. For her college exhibit she decided to showcase what she learned, not from school but from her mother. 
       But what the daughter did learn from school she applied in future use; they decided to build their own boutique and to sell all the stuff they made together. They started attending fairs and festivals around the state of Minnesota and would set up little booths so they could raise money for their own building someday. After four harsh years of loading and unloading, bad weather, and all the hard work that goes into these small shows they were able to save for their very own building! But this time they decided to add something that they both needed and knew would help… Coffee! Now they have a store located in Robbinsdale, Minnesota right on the Main Street of West Broadway Ave where you can always find them working on projects or serving up delicious brews to customers!